Focus and Scope

Some of the key types of articles which form the focus of the journal will include:

  • Original conceptual articles on crime, its prevention and control;
  • Empirical studies, including those of criminological research findings, criminal justice policy-making and the implementation of laws, processes and criminal justice;
  • Analyses of international crimes and criminal justice institutions and policy transfer, as well as evaluations of significant developments in criminal justice practices;
  • Debates about the public role of criminology and criminologists.

We also welcome submissions relating to more recent and emerging areas of criminological enquiry including cyber-enabled crime, fraud-related crime, terrorism and hate crime. Then the Journal is committed to achieving a broad international appeal, attracting contributions and addressing issues from a range of legal cultures, as well as theoretical concerns of cross- cultural interest. Interdisciplinary in scope, the journal welcomes outstanding original contributions in doctrinal and critical scholarship on domestic and international law, and contributions to comparative law, to legal history, and to legal philosophy. We welcome interdisciplinary contributions in areas of relevance to the law and, in particular, work that uses the techniques of the social sciences and the humanities to contribute to understanding in legal studies.